The International Conference on Advancement in Health Sciences Education and Professions 2019: Synergy and Reform for Better Health
November 11-13, 2019
The Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Welcome Message
Dear Guests and Participants,
It is my pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Advancement in Health Sciences Education and Professions: Synergy and Reform for Better Health (iHSEP 2019) be held at The Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Thailand. The conference is scheduled for November 11th to the 13th, 2019.
The driving force of current healthcare reform efforts in the education of health professions and practices is that special attention has been given to the preparation of the health professions workforce as an essential tool in achieving the goals of a reformed health care system for better care, better health, increased access, and especially lower costs. Health professionals appropriately trained, in the right number, with the right distribution across disciplines, and utilizing their full range of skills are essential to achieving these aims. This will require innovations in higher education to train health professionals to think critically of issues faced by patients and medical providers, every day. The areas of research and innovations that are needed are those that will better align education and practices with the needs of the public. To that end, the success of innovations should be determined by the function and degree to which they lead to improvements in the health of the population, patient outcomes, and the performance of the health care system and practices.
The conference is an endeavor to provide a platform for the educators, policy makers, health practitioners and professions, researchers and academics. A platform, where they can share their views, experiences, and information on recent advances with their peers working in the fields of health sciences, public health, and other allied health.
We, the organizers, hope that this conference will offer a springboard to the upcoming expert speakers to spread awareness of their research and causes. It is our desire that all who attend will have the opportunity to learn about recent innovations, trends, concerns, practical challenges, and highly sought after expertise in the fields of health sciences, public health, and other allied health professions.
In Thailand, November is the month when we celebrate “Loi Krathong”. Loi Krathong is a Siamese festival celebrated annually throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, during which many people float ornate baskets on rivers. Also, delegates will be able to visit sites, such as the Grand Palace, which was the home of Thai Kings and the Royal court for 150 years, Wat Arun (the temple of dawn), and Chatuchak Weekend Market.
We invite you to be our guest at this conference and spend two or three days to roam around our beautiful city, Bangkok.
Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai
Chair of the iHSEP 2019
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Public Health
The Kingdom of Thailand

Should there be any inquiries regarding abstract submission, please contact Dr. Kamolrat Turner via email at kamolrat@bnc.ac.th.

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